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Outlaw King - Matte paintings and concepts

Selection of matte paintings and concepts I had a chance to work on at Method Studios Sydney. VFX sup - Dan Bethell

Jacek irzykowski outlaw perth 01

Perth approach - final shot

Jacek irzykowski outlaw perth 01 areas

Areas edited in matte painting stage

Jacek irzykowski animation 02

Douglas Castle matte painting – extension of the existing architecture as well as creation of the village around it. Assets were rendered in Clarisse and comped in Photoshop and Nuke. Created in cooperation with Jordi Gonzalez. Before/after gif presented

Jacek irzykowski gla0330010 final comp f1001

Another piece of Berwick background cyclorama matte painting.

Jacek irzykowski met0580020 dmp f1060

Perth shot daytime – early matte painting with the castle emphasized compared with the final version.

Jacek irzykowski gla0330110 comp f1250

City of Berwick first matte painting. This sequence took lot of time to complete. I worked on it together with Norberto Idiart, Dave Costello and Micheal Norback. I was responsible for the background cyclorama that served the whole sequence.

Jacek irzykowski met0620010 concept f1043

Perth night shot concept – includes rendered assets in Clarisse.

Jacek irzykowski animation gif 01 bridge v02

Designs of Berwick bridge, in the final version the decision was made not to feature the bridge in the shot. ( this is 5 seconds gif loop image with 3 designs )

Jacek irzykowski gla bridge concept v001

Mock up/concept of the bridge into the plate.

Jacek irzykowski london concept v004

Early concept of London skyline

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